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Time & Attendance

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Want to manage your employees more effectively? We offer the latest in time and attendance tracking solutions. Our software system solutions add to your company’s improved productivity, accuracy, and reliability in timekeeping and payroll administration processes. Employees either punch clocks, hardware terminals, or enter time online.  We eliminate "buddy punching" and help employers recover the money they may be losing from employee-reported time.  Web management gives you the convenience to approve time or edit punches from anywhere!  
The employee attendance systems integrate with payroll, financial management and human resource packages, providing seamless data from punch to paycheck. Ask us about our complete range of web-based, client-server or desktop attendance systems. They interface with the most popular financial software packages and enable complete utilization of your company's resources.

  • Automatically calculate hours worked with no errors. Supervisors can edit employee hours before finalizing.
  • Consolidate attendance records from submission to paycheck.
  • Report time by pay categories (overtime, sick, vacation, personal, holiday, etc).
  • Eliminate payments for unapproved and fraudulent overtime.
  • Increase productivity and trim down labor costs.
  • Allow managers to access management reports timely and free them from managing attendance.
  • Control unauthorized access and punching in/out at unscheduled times.
  • Apply predefined policies to all employees.
  • Enable accurate reporting and productivity.
  • Various options of solutions such as badge terminals, TASC stand-alone, PC based, phone based, biometric units, web-enabled, or software based.